Saturday, May 14, 2022

Take Three: We Own This City

We Own This City: Season 1, Episode 3 “Part Three” (B+)

It’s interesting to see the many layers this show has, following the investigators who are trying to determine what crimes were committed as they’re involved in active surveillance of their targets while flashing back to the misconduct that put them on their radar in the first place. I was extremely impressed by Dagmara Dominczyk when I saw her in “The Lost Daughter,” and only later realized that she’s been a consistent part of the “Succession” ensemble as well. She’s terrific in another HBO effort here alongside Don Harvey, and seeing how the two of them seize on the opportunity to observe a problematic instance as it’s happening was very worthwhile. They understand the tremendous uphill battle they’re facing, and how the blue code of silence will surely stop them from getting as far as they’d like. Domenick Lombardozzi’s union president was a great example of someone who acts as like he’s happy to cooperate but actually has his own agenda which isn’t going to let him give as much as anyone he’s speaking to wants. It’s a disturbing concept, one that we see played out on the streets when Hersl and Jenkins aren’t the only ones jumping quickly to excessive force, since it’s become so ingrained in the culture that for anyone not to do that feels like they’re not part of the team. She may be hitting up against many hurdles, but Nicole’s determination to expose what’s become all too normal and start changing things seems like it could actually have an impact.

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