Thursday, May 12, 2022

Take Three: Gaslit

Gaslit: Season 1, Episode 3 “King George” (B+)

My favorite scene from this episode was the one where Howard Hunt, played fantastically by J.C. MacKenzie, who appeared very recently as the judge in “The Girl from Plainville,” struggled to remember the combination to the safe that he had been given in the White House office that someone had stupidly assigned him considering he had been hired to do criminal work on behalf of the president. I enjoyed recognizing Carlos Valdes from “The Flash” as Paul Magallanes and Chris Messina as Agent Lano, and though the two got off to a rocky start, they’ve turned into a productive duo, one who, as Paul theorized, is going up against a bunch of idiots. Liddy explaining to Dean how he had discreetly entered the White House to come see him was yet another instance of him being highly and hilariously theatrical, and, like in so many cases, being the one to tell someone information they should very much already know. Being so close to Nixon might be a good thing for Dean if Nixon was going to survive this, but we know he doesn’t, and bringing the files to John Carroll Lynch’s acting FBI director to destroy probably was not a smart move. Martha proved her resilience by burning herself so that she could get a copy of a newspaper and then making a phone call for help when she got the chance to Winnie, and John firing Peter and leaving the White House (or getting fired, as Dean was told) doesn’t feel like quite significant enough to undo that damage. John may be ready for retirement, but he’s done a lot and Martha definitely isn’t ready to leave any of it behind to embrace a life of relaxation far from politics.

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