Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Take Three: The Offer

The Offer: Season 1, Episode 3 “Fade In” (B+)

Well, given that this is Ruddy’s story, it would have been strange for him to end up dead in a ditch somewhere after being forebodingly forced into a car to go meet a mobster, and what happened instead is extraordinarily interesting. Ruddy’s offer for Joe to come read the script made him far more open-minded than he might otherwise have been, changing the conversation and the odds of the film being made in a big way. Bettye stepped in to distract Charles Bludhorn at exactly the right moment so that Joe and his entourage could enter the office in a non-surreptitious manner, and Ruddy offering to get the word “mafia” cut out was apparently enough to endear him to his new friend. There are bigger hurdles to clear now, namely Bob not being fired since it means that he won’t even watch footage of Al Pacino and won’t read a script that’s 117 pages long. He also did not respond well to the unsolicited pitch to have Sinatra star from Françoise, whose newfound professional endeavors are also irking Bettye, even if Ruddy isn’t yet ready to do anything about it. The news about Brando being in may help, but there’s another threat coming, and that’s to Joe, who will now have to contend with Crazy Joe Gallo targeting him. When I was on the red carpet at the premiere of this series, Joseph Russo, who plays Crazy Joe, was the first actor who came over to talk to me, so I have a soft spot for the portrayer of a character who’s considerably more unhinged.

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