Thursday, May 12, 2022

Round Two: I Love That For You

I Love That For You: Season 1, Episode 2 “Faux Florals” (B+)

It’s no surprise that Joanna is being told to continually mention her cancer on-air, and I think she’s aware of how it sounds for her to casually say it in the middle of a sales pitch which, on its own, would likely be very effective. It’s interesting to hear how her parents feel about her having lied since they know that she doesn’t have cancer anymore, with her mom supportive and her dad not into it. But as Darcy and Beth Ann continue to feign kindness and practice anything but, she’s seeing how she can be equally petty and get what she wants, like getting Beth Ann’s dressing room taken away from her when she went to her number one fan Patricia to ask for it. Jordan went way overboard with stocking her room, and though he seems sincere in his affection, I do hope it doesn’t result in Joanna getting embarrassed or hurt. She’s found a great ally in Jackie but the terror on her face was palpable when Jackie repeated to her just how much she hated liars when they went out together in wigs. While I can’t imagine this show’s depiction of the home shopping television industry is meant to be entirely accurate, I did appreciate that Patricia insisted that “Jack-adversary” was intentionally mispronounced so that people would use the wrong code at checkout. That was a less explicitly deliberate tactic than the one she used to get Marty to call in and pretend they were still a happy couple, something that got Jackie furious and ready to take a stand.

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