Monday, May 30, 2022

What I’m Watching: Tehran

Tehran: Season 2, Episode 3 “PTSD” (B+)

Watching this show is definitely not a relaxing experience. It’s interesting to see Marjan tackle her Faraz problem in a very direct and dangerous manner, going in to serve as Nahid’s therapist while she was well aware that he was going to break into her office. She spun that situation very well, and now she’s managed to earn his trust, which is a difficult thing that’s going to give her a tremendous advantage in trying to undermine him and help Tamar accomplish her mission. That’s going to be even more challenging considering Milad’s behavior, which is getting increasingly reckless and likely to get him noticed. Part of the reason for that is that Tamar isn’t fully letting him in on what she’s doing, which makes sense given the way he’s reacting. There’s something fascinating about the idea of operating in plain sight, not trying to be stealthy or under the radar but instead just to behave in a way that doesn’t seem suspicious because it’s not trying to hide anything. We’re less than halfway through the season though, so it’s unlikely that Ali, who always seems to be just one step from figuring out what’s going on, will be fully onto them, but it’s definitely not a good sign. Babak’s body being discovered is going to bring much more attention to them, and the question just remains whether Vahid is going to be distracted by Tamar’s presence enough not to pay attention to the concerning series of events happening around him.

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