Saturday, May 14, 2022

What I’m Watching: Breeders (Season Premiere)

Breeders: Season 3, Episode 1 “No Direction Home” (B+)

This really is a lovely and underrated show, and it’s nice that it’s been one of the most dependable series since the start of the pandemic, debuting a week or two before things officially got bad in the United States and returning each year around the same time for more. I had forgotten how things ended with Luke saying that he and Paul couldn’t be in the house at the same time, and this episode provided some informative flashbacks about the history of their relationship. Paul, to his credit, was trying hard, clearly annoyed and angry about being banned from his own house but aware that his temper was the problem that had caused it in the first place. I don’t love the idea of him making friends with his female neighbor and not clarifying that he was very much still married and just going through issues with his child, not his wife. Coming over to have dinner was nice and pleasant enough, but Luke threatening to leave just emphasized the fact that he wasn’t going to give in and that nothing had changed. Referencing how impactful his father yelling at his sister when they finally found her was made sense given what we saw, but Paul, as a parent, knows that it’s not the full picture, and that the reason he wasn’t so focused on her that day was because Luke needed all of his attention. Ava talking to Paul on the security camera to let him know how she felt when Luke got to decide everything at her expense was both sweet and sad, and this can’t go on for long since she’s going to grow to resent Luke, and Ally as a result, even more.

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