Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Round Two: The Offer

The Offer: Season 1, Episode 2 “Warning Shots” (B+)

Ruddy seems intent on making this movie even as more warning signs come up, and while he’s trying to do whatever his director wants, he’s not being open and honest with Francoise, who may well be his best asset. No much how charming he is, it’s still not easy for him to convince Italians that he’s going to be able to portray them respectfully in the movie, and now he’s in a car at gunpoint going to a meeting that likely won’t be so polite. For all the efforts he’s putting in to get it made, there’s still some trouble brewing, namely with the casting process and a small theater actor named Al Pacino being the only person Coppola wants for the lead role, which even he doesn’t think he’s ready for at this stage in his career. They lost their other would-be lead thanks to pressure from the Italians, and Barry and Jack crashed the meeting to insist that the film couldn’t possibly shoot in New York but might have to have Kansas City or St. Louis stand in for it in a different time period. Bob may have been willing to stick with the project just to piss Barry off, but that rat in his bed from the mob might have been enough to convince him that it’s time to back off, if he even has any power left at all. We all know that the movie did get made in the end, so I’m curious to see how these obstacles are overcome.

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