Thursday, May 12, 2022

What I’m Watching: Tehran (Season Premiere)

Tehran: Season 2, Episode 1 “13000” (B+)

It’s not easy to top this show’s adrenaline-fueled pilot, but this premiere came pretty close with its introduction of a new mission, one that appears to have succeeded but now finds both the rescued pilot and Tamar still stranded in Iran. Even without being in an office and still on the mend from getting shot, Faraz was able to see what no one else could, sending Ali in to the hospital because he was convinced, and rightfully so, that the Israelis were planning an operation to spring the pilot. I don’t quite understand how the timing could have been so perfect that they would know when he got to 13,000, but it was nonetheless thrilling to watch. Tamar has a new commanding officer who was more than willing to leave her behind when she had to step in to trip Ali and the police with him, but there was also a contingency plan involving a new character played by Glenn Close. I imagined that she wouldn’t be playing an American since that would be too obviously suspicion in Iran, but she does have a past history of joining shows late and doing well – see “The Shield” season four, which earned her an Emmy nomination. Both negative outcomes of the mission are concerning, with Faraz now tailing Milad even though he didn’t make contact and Arezoo publicly executed by Mohammadi in his new role, determined to send a strong message that he will exact brutal revenge on anyone who tries to go against his regime, especially if they collaborate with Israelis.

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