Saturday, May 14, 2022

What I’m Watching: Breeders

Breeders: Season 3, Episode 2 “No Worries” (B+)

Well, this was sweet, and so logical too. Paul not pushing to be back at home and giving Luke the space he needed made their outing together all that much more pleasant, and then Luke was the one to invite Paul to come back and stay at the house. His reasoning made complete sense: he had another panic attack, and Paul wasn’t the reason. This is sure not to be the last of their problems, but it’s at least good to see that there’s hope for the two of them and some growth on Luke’s part as Paul demonstrated the restraint that has escaped him for much of his adult life. Showing up with a fake excuse about Nana June having hours to live – and clarifying that she wasn’t an actual relative since those kinds of stories have a tendency to be proven wrong – to get him out of having to do a terrible American accent was funny, and I like that Jacob offered his very sincere condolences for Paul’s imminent loss. Ally didn’t have quite as good a time when Darren showed up to wreck her whole livelihood, and he was doing much worse with it than she was. Trying to blame her because she left Berlin did not go well, and she didn’t need the added stress of finding out that her prescription apparently wasn’t going to be available for at least ten months. With Paul out of the house and her not wanting to stress her mom out anymore, Ava chose a different adult to confide in about what she’s going through as the child who isn’t the center of her parents’ attention and is now taking steps to keep it that way.

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