Monday, September 13, 2021

What I’m Watching: Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso: Season 2, Episode 8 “Man City” (B)

This episode incorporated plenty of drama, making for a few very confrontational scenes. The one where Jamie’s father burst into the locker room to make trouble and eviscerate his son for being a failure was particularly difficult and uncomfortable, and it seemed to have an impact on multiple people. It was very sweet to see Roy walk right over and embrace Jamie in that moment, though I do wonder why others didn’t intervene earlier. Beard has some anger issues to process, and Ted has deeper wounds related to his father’s suicide that he was finally able to share with Sharon. I liked the newfound bond between Ted and Sharon, one encouraged by Sharon’s concussion-induced voicemails mocking Ted’s nature and apparently inclusive of full musical renditions. It’s fun to see her softening and him beginning to open up because their relationship is getting closer and more mutually beneficial. Rebecca was indeed very awkward when she was horrified to find out that Sam was the one she had been messaging, but they’re going for it anyway, which is great to see even if it’s going to be complicated both to keep secret and to eventually make public. Each of the coaches and Higgins admitting something different that they had done was entertaining, especially because the degree of offense varied tremendously, and it’s also a blast to see Roy and Beard finding common ground in their unspoken comportment and refusal to engage enthusiastically. That loss was quite a blow, but there are still a few episodes left this season for the team to recover.

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