Monday, September 13, 2021

What I’m Watching: Mr. Corman

Mr. Corman: Season 1, Episode 7 “Many Worlds” (B)

Just as this show was starting to follow a more traditional narrative pattern, with changing titles and superhero montages thrown in, this episode was a real diversion from that, presenting a series of possibilities that could have been. I was confused at first, in part because the audience members weren’t moving and those on stage were, and there wasn’t a clear timeline of when things were happening. I was equally puzzled and pleased to see Emily Tremaine, an absolute standout of the pilot episode, back as Lindsey, who in this case made for a mother to Josh’s child and an unhappy partner that didn’t want to put up with his antics. Megan was more understanding of how he was and how he acted, and that life felt extremely different from the one he had as a teacher since it put him right in the middle of a lot of noise rather than distant from the rest of the world and often retreated into himself, particularly when his apocalyptic visions manifested. The intervention with Ruth was a dramatic event, and I was most interested to see how Elizabeth approached it given her previous appearance as an antagonistic figure who had steeled herself against expectations of how her brother and mother would behave, even if they hadn’t yet done anything in that moment to inspire her anger. As always, this show is mesmerizing and intriguing, but it’s hard to get attached and feel fully drawn in without the opportunity to experience it in a coherent linear fashion.

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