Thursday, September 2, 2021

What I’m Watching: Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail

Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail: Season 3, Episode 8 “Over the Mountain” (B+)

Gullibility is a big part of how this season has functioned, but that’s also because there exist many situations in real life where people don’t ask questions if the answers seem convenient enough. Ezekiel and Prudence spending hours doing bible study together was the perfect cover, and I love that, even after their affair was exposed, Todd couldn’t understand how they had time to have sex with all the bible studying that they were doing. Ezekiel believing that his straying from God was what had caused the misfortunes of the group, like the possessed boy and a single lightning strike killing their lead ox, didn’t lead to good things, like his horrible torture device that would take all pleasure out of being with Prudence and his spontaneous prayer that got overheard by everyone around him. As Benny put on an enlightened act and pretended to have been reformed, Trig knew that couldn’t be the case, and she was smart to prey on the most susceptible member of the party, Todd, who sent their wagon straight off a cliff while he rode off with the band of criminals and a captive Prudence. Even though Benny is with them, the Gunslinger seems to have chosen his side, and so presumably we’ll spend the final two episodes of this season chasing after Trig and trying to rescue Prudence, which should be able to put Ezekiel back in everyone’s good graces and allow them some sort of happily ever after, if this show is feeling sappy.

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