Friday, September 10, 2021

Emmy Winner Predictions: Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series

Nominees are listed in alphabetical order. Submitted episode titles are in parentheses. Beware of minor spoilers for listed episodes.
Jane Adams as Nina Daniels, Hacks (I Think She Will) I’m so delighted to see Adams here because I think she’s a wonderful actress and has been blatantly ignored for past excellence in “Hung” and “Sneaky Pete.” Her recurring role gives her great material, and while she’s always great, she’s not the standout of the season finale, her submitted episode, which might not give her enough momentum to score a win unless voters absolutely adore everything about the show (which is possible).
Yvette Nicole Brown as Judge Anita Harper, A Black Lady Sketch Show (But the Tilapias Are Fine Though, Right?)
This is Brown’s first Emmy nomination. She appears in just one sketch in her episode, that finds her as a grumpy judge who gets much happier when she realizes that she’s part of a Black Lady Courtroom. It’s not a big part and, especially compared with past roles of hers like “Community,” this feels like a strange acknowledgment of her talent. Her fellow nominee Issa Rae also appears in that sketch, which I think diminishes her chances.

Bernadette Peters as Deb, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (Zoey’s Extraordinary Girls’ Night)
This is Peters’ third Emmy nomination. Her previous bid was in 2001 for guesting on “Ally McBeal,” and before that was way back in 1978 for “The Muppet Show.” She’s a fun and unforgettable part of her submitted episode, barging into the scene with her own musical number. Her show barely gained any traction anywhere else, so this could be a fun way to acknowledge the show with a win for the always entertaining Tony winner.

Issa Rae as Jess, A Black Lady Sketch Show (My Booty Look Juicy, Don't It?)
Rae has two previous nominations for acting in and one for producing “Insecure,” which skipped this season and returns for its final iteration next month. She’s also on her second consecutive bid for producing this sketch series. In her submission, she appears in one sketch about a meditation retreat. It’s a very brief part, but she’s helped by the fact that she’s also in her costar Yvette Nicole Brown’s sketch in a different role. I don’t think either are substantial enough to get her a win, but she is popular right now.

Maya Rudolph as Various Characters, Saturday Night Live (Host: Maya Rudolph)
Rudolph was a double nominee in this category last year and won for portraying Kamala Harris on this show. She also won last year for her voice-over performance on “Big Mouth” (she’s nominated again this year too). Though she’s been such a consistent presence on the show during and after the election, this is actually only her second time hosting the show, and she earned her inaugural Emmy bid back in 2012 the first time she did it. She fits in so well with her cast and is likely riding such a high that she’s a very good bet to repeat.

Kristen Wiig as Various Characters, Saturday Night Live (Host: Kristen Wiig)
Wiig has four previous nominations as a regular cast member on her show from 2009 to 2012, plus two more as a guest in 2013 and 2017, and two additional bids, one for voice-over performance on “The Looney Tunes Show” in 2012 and for the limited series “The Spoils of Babylon” in 2014. The advantage she has as host is that she feels right at home, and she’s portraying so many characters that she has created. She isn’t, however, doing much that’s new, and so it’s not likely that voters will see fit to reward her right now.

Who should win (based on entire season): N/A
Who should win (based on individual episodes): Rudolph
Who will win: I expect Rudolph to repeat.

Next up: Best Directing for a Drama Series

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