Sunday, July 25, 2021

What I’m Watching: Ted Lasso (Season Premiere)

Ted Lasso: Season 2, Episode 1 “Goodbye Earl” (B+)

It’s a true joy to have this show back, and I’m glad to see that there are many fun, familiar elements still in place and some new directions that should be entertaining and intriguing to watch. Having Dani accidentally kill the dog while making a shot was a jarring catalyst for what’s sure to be the biggest issue of the season, which is that Ted is threatened by the presence of the new sports psychologist that everyone seems to love. She certainly has a different approach than Ted does, and she’s so warm with each member of the team in a way that she definitely was not with Ted and his hapless welcome team. I’m glad that Dani’s yips don’t appear to be something that will last all season, but she’s evidently not going anywhere, and Ted isn’t going to be happy about that at all since he’s been the stirring force of the team up until now. Ending every game in a draw seems pretty standard for Richmond, and Rebecca is too distracted by other things to be overly invested in a different outcome. I appreciated seeing certified stubborn grump Roy deliver his angry, passionate take on why Rebecca deserved better, and he seems to be living his best life even if he’s not doing what everyone else wants him to, though seeing Jamie on that reality show may prompt him to change his mind. Nate’s new attitude doesn’t seem superb, though I imagine it comes mostly from feeling that his replacement doesn’t take his job seriously enough. I appreciated Ted’s reference to coincidences in “Magnolia” and the clever incorporation of “Wise Up” into the soundtrack of this episode, a great callback to a wonderful film.

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