Thursday, July 8, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 7, Episode 16 “P.O.W.” (B-)

I was wondering how many times we were going to see Nora appear in some form to Barry before acknowledging that he wasn’t just dreaming it and that she does very much exist. What I didn’t see coming was her gleeful return at the end of the episode to see Barry with an introduction to a new character, her brother, Bart. I don’t really understand how everyone’s able to move through time so easily and without causing problematic effects to the timeline, but this show lost me on that a while ago. I am intrigued about how Iris is falling in and out of time, if that’s a concept that can ever make sense. Trying to speak directly to one of the Godspeeds so that they could understand what this civil war was all about was smart, but once their aims became clear, Barry was immediately an enemy again since it crossed his red line of not killing anyone. As tends to be the case on this show, we meet people who are destined to become villains before they have any inklings of their motivations or even their powers, and in the case of August Hart, he barely even knows his own name. It was fun to see Diggle again even though I gave up on “Arrow” very early, and I’m glad that the Arrowverse crossovers continue after the original series are no longer on the air. Esperanza’s redemption story was short-lived, and I worry that her fire-fade death is going to compel Allegra to consider if all she’s doing is worth it.

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