Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Emmy Nominees: Best Directing for a Comedy Series

My predictions: 5/7

The nominees: Pilot (B Positive), In Case of Emergency (The Flight Attendant), There Is No Line (Hacks), Scooby-Doo Checks and Salisbury Steak (Mom), Biscuits (Ted Lasso), The Hope That Kills You (Ted Lasso), Make Rebecca Great Again (Ted Lasso)

What a nice surprise to see B Positive, a show I really enjoy that I don’t think is most critics’ idea of a good time, here, joining another CBS sitcom and first-time nominee in this race, Mom. Comedy nominations leader Ted Lasso only managed to earn bids for three of its four submitted episodes (all but the pilot), while the very worthwhile first installments of The Flight Attendant and Hacks are also here. It’s a good list!

What should win? It’s hard to choose – maybe “Hacks” or “The Flight Attendant” or any of the “Ted Lasso” options?
What will win? I’m not too sure, but I’ll bet on Make Rebecca Great Again to best three pilots.

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