Monday, July 26, 2021

What I’m Watching: Intelligence (Season Finale)

Intelligence: Season 2, Episode 6 (B-)

This wasn’t a great note to end on, especially not knowing whether this show will be brought back for a third season. I didn’t quite understand the nature of Jerry’s promotion at GHCQ and what it meant, including why Christine wasn’t sure if he was high-ranking enough to sit at the head of the table and run meetings with her when she was the one who broke that news to him in the first place. I also suspected that Jerry made up the NSA promotion he was up for back home, but we didn’t get much information about that. It wasn’t too surprising that Joseph still came into the very un-secured office since he still had access and didn’t seem to understand what being fired meant, and I enjoyed the back-and-forth where Joseph thought he had been given a PA rather than made one and Evelyn asked if she was getting one even though that’s literally her entire job. A similarly humorous exchange occurred later when Stephen Hawking and Alan Turing got mixed up and Evelyn ended up thinking that Benedict Cumberbatch was dead. The surprise party Joseph threw for Jerry was very awkward, and Christine was all too enthusiastic to toast to never seeing Joseph again. Jerry telling Joseph that he was like a pilot fish was a mildly sentimental act, especially for him, and now it’s surely going to take the team a while to learn that Jerry has been abducted by some unknown group. It was a bit of a dark end, but I’ll dwell instead on the fact that something good finally happened to Joseph, which is that Charlotte wasn’t disappointed that he got fired and that the two of them actually seem to be well-suited for each other. This season has been, like season one, a bit uneven but still full of laughs, and so I’m all for tuning in for a third iteration.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Sylvestra Le Touzel as Christine

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