Tuesday, July 27, 2021

What I’m Watching: Kevin Can F**k Himself (Season Finale)

Kevin Can F**k Himself: Season 1, Episode 8 “Fixed” (B)

This was a strange note to end on, especially given the fact that there’s still no word on a renewal of this show. Having Kevin appear outside of the house has always felt weird, and I had a feeling that he wasn’t going to be the one who ended up dead when Allison was being questioned by the police. The frame job that she and Patty were trying to execute on the comatose Nick wasn’t even that complicated or problematic, and instead it was Kevin getting his next great stroke of genius that threatened to send Allison over the edge. We did get to see her talk back to Kevin and call him a name for the first time, though he barely even blinked and just latched on to the positive part of what she said he wasn’t. Sam’s efforts to console her failed too because he gave her what she recognized was not a compliment, and Patty saying that the only person she had was Tammy didn’t make things any better at all. I did not expect Neil to be the one to discover what Allison was up to, and that scene turned violent very quickly with him trying to strangle her, a sign that his slapstick comedy, like Kevin’s, is just a mask for abusive behavior that many might dismiss as guys just being guys. I thought that Kurt was going to prod Tammy to look into Patty’s questionable business practices, but she seems determined to get to know Patty better rather than look for problems to dwell on. I’m definitely intrigued by this show and want to see more of it, though this first season has been an unsettling experience more than anything else.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Annie Murphy as Allison

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