Monday, July 19, 2021

What I’m Watching: Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill: Season 2, Episode 8 “Murder, My Sweet” (B+)

It would probably behoove Alma to be honest with her husband since every time she lies to him and manipulates him, he grows more resentful and more remorseful, which may lead to him confessing to a crime no one suspects him of committing. All of this has transformed Alma into someone she would never have wanted to be but she can’t see that, and I did enjoy the comical nature of some of her suggestions, like kidnapping Isabel, which were considerably more entertaining than her bold and deadly move to inject Isabel in the motel room when she said she wasn’t giving them the negative. Bertram did do a good job of writing a suicide note and leaving her to be found on the bed by Vern having confessed to killing Carlo, and it tracks with all of the memories Rita had of her cousin’s gradually-built resentment of her. What will become of Scooter is a mystery since I think even he isn’t sure of whether he’d rather be with Rita or Catherine, and Otto’s plan to oust him didn’t work as he had intended. The real open thread right now is the one caused by Alma and Bertram’s lying, prompting Dee to think that her parents killed Mrs. Yost and to incriminate herself in the return of the items stolen from her home. If she and Vern do elope, she may not be around to answer the police’s questions, but her parents will certainly have plenty to say, a tiny bit of which may even be true.

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