Saturday, July 31, 2021

What I’m Watching: Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso: Season 2, Episode 2 “Lavender” (B+)

There’s something about Sharon that seems to serious for this show since Hannah, even in her early days of trying to take down Ted as revenge against Rupert had her comedy moments. But Sharon is much more serious, determined to take the approach she’s known to be successful and fully aware of how Ted is going to perceive her as a threat. I like that, even though she doesn’t eat sugar, she was polite enough to try one of Ted’s biscuits before handing him back the box, and she remembered what he had so directly asked her in her office earlier, giving him the response as she was biking home on her fold-up transformer bike. I also enjoyed that she was clearly moving closer and that it wasn’t just an optical illusion that Ted was experiencing. The big challenge that Ted is going to face now is about Jamie coming back to the team, especially Sam was so clear that he made life miserable for him. I have much more sympathy for Jamie now after my very friendly conversation with actor Phil Dunster, and I’m glad he’s back even if the character really is detestable. Roy’s new workplace life is a change, and as long as the censors don’t keep him off the air, he might do fine just being himself to a thunderously enthusiastic audience. I liked his response to catching Keeley with the video of him emotionally retiring, and it’s great to see that his post-football career is absolutely still worth featuring. I’m loving the Higgins pop-up appearances all around the stadium, but I’m not as into Nate not realizing how terribly he’s treating his replacement.

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