Saturday, July 24, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Flash (Season Finale)

The Flash: Season 7, Episode 18 “Heart of the Matter – Part 2” (B-)

I’m a bit puzzled by how and why certain things happened, and I like the fact that this episode ended on a positive note without any villainy so that next season can restart things in a completely new way. I can’t begin to comprehend how Thawne was brought back to life, and it’s oddest to me since it was announced that Tom Cavanagh was going to be leaving the show for good, but they’ve set it up so that he exists again and can easily come back to torment and try to kill Barry again. I’m also not sure why Matt Letscher isn’t the one playing the part and why it is that he’s permanently assumed Harrison Wells’ face, especially since Letscher portrayed him on “Legends of Tomorrow.” But more importantly, bringing him in to defeat Godspeed was a bold move, and naturally he did exert much more violence than Barry ever would to try to take him down. So much for August Heart having the ability to redeem himself and prevent his nefarious future, but I didn’t want to see more of Godspeed anyway, so him being gone is fine. I am most curious about Kramer’s newly discovered abilities to briefly mimic the powers of those around her, and I hope that she sticks around in some capacity now that she’s firmly one of the good guys. A vow renewal seemed a bit premature for Barry and Iris, especially with the adult son they haven’t even conceived yet singing at it, but what’s wrong with a little romance every once in a while, right? This season didn’t wow me but I think there’s hope for good stuff ahead in season eight, and I fully expect to tune in when the show returns in November.

Season grade: B-
Season MVP: Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin and Killer Frost

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