Saturday, July 31, 2021

What I’m Watching: Physical

Physical: Season 1, Episode 9 “Let’s Face the Facts” (B+)

The end of this episode definitely felt like a true pivot, one that was going to send things in a new and exciting direction, and that makes sense considering it’s the penultimate installment of the season. It’s always nerve-racking to get to this point without knowing whether a second season is indeed coming, and I do think this show has plenty more to offer, especially when it comes to Breem and to Tyler’s hearing and all the new plotlines introduced in this half-hour. I also like that Simone, perfectly happy to have sex with a married man as she may be, is much more attuned to what Sheila’s actually going through than Danny is, expressing sympathy about the money problems and then pointing out to Danny that she might have a problem with food, something he had never possibly even considered. Getting caught by Maya on the couch doesn’t recommend her too well, but Sheila has, fortunately, moved on to much better things. After being condescended to by Danny about remembering her burying them in debt, not asking her for her input, Sheila took decisive action and chose to be honest with Greta, something that brought together a wonderful ragtag band of free thinkers ready to make some serious money from their tapes. I’m intrigued that Breem wanted to help Sheila make something of her tapes and I enjoyed that she called him on always half-saying something before walking away. Tyler did not do a good job of resisting going back in the ocean after his hearing issue got his board snapped in half, but a heart-to-heart with Bunny did the trick, and now he’ll have a positive outlet for his energy making more of those fantastic tapes, which I really hope do more than just finance Danny’s winning campaign.

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