Wednesday, July 14, 2021

What I’m Watching: Intelligence

Intelligence: Season 2, Episode 4 (B+)

The plot of this episode wasn’t all that fantastic, but it did have me laughing quite a bit. Opening with Uma passively-aggressively dumping all of Christine’s trash all over the floor was about the only callback we got to the previous episode, but I did enjoy seeing that. It wasn’t too surprising to know that Joseph spent the whole week looking for instances of the word “is” rather than just IS the terrorist organization, and I love that Evelyn got appointed the fire marshal even though she didn’t apply for the role but just as a way for Christine to keep her active. Tuva bluntly defining that as incest rather than nepotism had me laughing too. Hilary got off to an awkward start by making Jerry uncomfortable and quite clearly harassing him, and there was so much about her session and her approach that was absolutely wrong, namely asking for reasons people might make fun of Joseph and then forcing people to choose who they would save first. It was hilarious that Christine wanted to go out of her way not to save Evelyn, something that actually got her usually uncaring daughter upset, though not as much as Christine’s admission that if she wanted Evelyn killed she would just do it in her sleep. The concept of saving people in alphabetical order was fantastically absurd, and I also loved the conversation about the (un)surprisingly low number of African-Americans working there. Jerry pretending it was all planned and then grabbing Hilary’s breasts was horribly uncomfortable, but she didn’t stop messing with him from there when she expressed her eagerness to see him at the training he now needed to attend.

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