Tuesday, July 20, 2021

What I’m Watching: Intelligence

Intelligence: Season 2, Episode 5 (B-)

This episode wasn’t as strong in my mind as the one before it, charting a similarly absurd course and not delivering nearly as many laughs. Mary’s cover as a triple agent being blown was great for the setup of Joseph asking how many times, but otherwise it just meant Jerry fretting about how he was going to be handed over in exchange for her mother. I have to imagine such a thing isn’t typical counterintelligence practice, mainly because what’s in Jerry’s head poses a far greater risk to the world should it be used for evil than anything Mary’s mum might share, but I also think Christine enjoyed the opportunity to make Jerry sweat by thinking that he was going to be swiftly tortured and potentially killed. I was proud of Joseph for not allowing Jerry to turn the tables and try torturing him first since that kind of thing typically happens, but it didn’t end up doing much anyway since Mary was all too aware of where her mother might be and Jerry happened to have a combat drone he had borrowed from a thirteen-year-old rabbi friend. Mary’s mother got saved and will live another day to torment her, Jerry earned praise from Rupert for his hapless meddling, and Joseph got fired, which was a sad and serious outcome of all this that will hopefully be rectified in the finale. Though it was very over-the-top, I enjoyed Joseph’s direct parroting of Jerry’s instructions that led to much confusion, as well as Jerry earlier explaining that he sometimes forgets how shot he was.

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