Monday, July 26, 2021

Take Three: Schmigadoon

Schmigadoon: Season 1, Episode 3 “Cross That Bridge” (B+)

The opening flashback to an earlier time was highly informative, both for how Josh so casually noted what he didn’t like doing without caring at all what she didn’t like and how he was able to co-opt a sweet story he heard there and use it to his advantage to try to get the hell out of Schmigadoon. Melissa woke up to a friendly and lavish reception in the morning from Danny, who was singing passionately about her being pregnant and wasn’t listening when she kept telling him that she wasn’t pregnant and in fact had an IUD. Josh’s situation was somewhat more nightmarish, but Melissa didn’t have much sympathy for him given how quickly he had managed to find himself engaged to someone very young. Theorizing that he just needed to find what Schmigadoon considered true love in order to escape it wasn’t a fabulous plan, and it backfired spectacularly as he managed to move through the entire female population of the town and then find an angry Melissa even madder at him than she was before. The name of Mildred’s group, Mothers Against the Future, was very spot-on, and I also enjoyed Florence’s spot-on song about that queer man of hers. I’m intrigued to see that, after these initial antics with Betsy and Danny, Josh and Melissa have both now become enchanted by different prospective partners, Emma Tate, played by Ariana DeBose from “The Prom,” and Doc Lopez, played by Jaime Camil from “Jane the Virgin.” I’m excited to see more of both of them.

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