Wednesday, July 28, 2021

What I’m Watching: Dead Pixels

Dead Pixels: Season 2, Episode 2 “The Chair” (B+)

I like that this show is true to who its characters are, but I think I do want to see the spinoff that’s never going to be made where Alison goes out into the world only to constantly come home and find her roommates refusing to leave their rooms because they won’t stop playing video games. She was rather blunt about her own personal life in this episode, and I loved the response Nicky gave when she told him that Meg was coming to the gym with her, a quite unexpected development. I think the best moment of this episode was definitely Meg trying to follow up on her crush on the water guy by asking him out for a drink at precisely the moment that she realized that she had drunk way too much water, prompting a hilarious rejection from him in the form of a declaration that she absolutely did not need any more liquids. Nicky wasn’t in much better shape, of course, agreeing to Russell’s excitement at buying his avatar so that he could use it primarily to fart, a feature apparently designed for children, so that Nicky could continue his endless collection of crates. Meeting a female character who enjoyed brutally killing him over and over again seems to have completely redirected his interest, and I hope that translates to a real-life rendezvous. Usman hiding out in a closet because his family thought he had to go to work was typically absurd, and the pest inspector giving him a salute to affirm his enthusiasm for the game was a great ending to this episode.

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