Monday, July 19, 2021

What I’m Watching: Physical

Physical: Season 1, Episode 7 “Let's Take This Show on the Road” (B+)

I appreciate the fact that this show is devoted to strong storytelling for all of its characters, not just Sheila, and that it was on full display in this episode. Danny really is a complex personality, one who is devoted more than anything else to his vision and who doesn’t always see the consequences of his actions, like getting high since he thinks it makes him focus better as a driver and not seeing how he treats his wife pretty poorly. He wasn’t happy being dragged to a fundraiser out of town, and it wasn’t even that they didn’t give him the promised showcase to be able to solicit funds that got him up in arms, but rather hearing what his old college pal was saying and how it betrayed all the values he stood for and wanted to make sure remained true. I’m a big fan of Mary Holland, last seen as the awkward sister in “Happiest Season,” and Al Madrigal has appeared in a number of shows including “I’m Dying Up Here” and “About a Boy.” I am excited to see what Sheila’s family is like, though I can only imagine what their role was in shaping her inner voice and making her constantly doubt her ability to do anything. I’m intrigued by the continued focus on Breem and how he’s feeling anxious about what he perceives as Danny’s increased chances in the race. I did not expect Greta to watch Ernie’s tape and find it sexually satisfying, and I’m nervous about what she’s thinking about doing and how it may have unintended consequences for more than just her marriage.

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