Friday, July 23, 2021

What I’m Watching: Black Monday

Black Monday: Season 3, Episode 8 “Three!” (C+)

It’s honestly just so hard to keep track of what’s really going on here with so many characters dying each episode and everyone being so damn dishonest with everyone else. Tiff prepping her weapons and a murder sheet and then slicing off the top of a champagne bottle with a sword, and Blair was at least smart enough to switch their food when she said he forgot the poison, though she was fully aware that he had done that. Blair may have ultimately been welcomed back in after wandering into a surprise party that wasn’t for him and being granted a return invitation by the group, but Tiff doesn’t seem to be doing well given that she’s bleeding out on a dance floor, not that copious amounts of blood and a fatal-looking wound mean certain death on this show. I will say that Larry, who survived being dangled off a balcony moments earlier, having his head topple off in the elevator is almost definitely not going to come back, but knowing this show, there’s probably a third Lehman brother who isn’t just Keith trying to take advantage of an opportunity. For anyone reading this review who saw the episode but didn’t watch past the end credits, I’d advise avoiding it since this show is really going all out with the explicitness for no real reason. If there’s one thing this group is not good at, it’s executing a plan, particularly when it involves getting people to say incriminating things on tape. Can two more episodes really clarify what the hell is going on here and why? I’m dubious.

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