Thursday, July 29, 2021

What I’m Watching: Black Monday

Black Monday: Season 3, Episode 9 “Two!” (B-)

These characters are pretty slow on the uptake, and it took them a good few minutes to realize that hatching a perfect plan to be all in the same place so the killer would try to pick them off wasn’t necessary because that was already the case. This season has been all about uninvited and unexpected visitors, and this episode offered plenty of those. The one who had the most miserable time of it was definitely Yassir, who has become a true human punching bag, and that got very literal as he stepped into all of the booby traps that they set for the murderer after them. I enjoyed Dawn’s attempt at gender equality by asserting that the killer could be a woman, which of course wasn’t the case since it’s someone we’ve met and a cast member who seems determined not to leave the show: Lenny! I was surprised to recognize Aaron Stanford, a familiar ace from “12 Monkeys,” as the doctor nursing him back to health, and while I’m not too thrilled with what they did with Ken Marino’s characters, it does seem like this undoes everything that all of them have been trying to achieve this season, which should make for a memorable finale. In terms of startling reveals, I enjoyed Werner admitting to Blair that he was just an intern and that he actually has no power at all with the RNC, which surely will no longer be considering Blair for anything close to the VP slot.

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