Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Take Three: The End

The End: Season 1, Episode 3 “Fuck Christmas” (B+)

I didn’t expect that Kate would have a chance to make amends for the judgment call that resulted in her getting suspended from her job, though her willingness to attend the grief support group and even directly apologize weren’t enough. Getting called in after he gave someone a cocktail that didn’t do what it was supposed to do put her in an impossible position, but she sprang into action and helped rectify the situation to the best of her ability. I have a feeling she’s going to continue doing that now since she knows that people are suffering and looking for a way to end their lives peacefully, and that will likely come into conflict with her regular job, if they do end up bringing her back on. I was quite surprised that Edie was even willing to consider performing in public because that seems like exactly the kind of thing that she would hate, but it appears that there’s history with her husband and a lifetime of feeling like she wasn’t allowed to properly express herself. Kate missing that and then being on the phone while Persephone was having her big moment was unfortunate since it doesn’t make it seem like she’s interested or invested when she’s actually dealing with quite a lot, and evidently there’s additional baggage related to the church that makes things even more complicated. Art acknowledging his impending vascular dementia was a melancholy moment, one that emphasized how he knows he’s alone and can’t do anything to stop what’s going to happen to him.

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