Tuesday, September 27, 2022

What I’m Watching: Atlanta

Atlanta: Season 4, Episode 2 “The Homeliest Little Horse” (B+)

I appreciated that this episode featured our regular main character but also a storyline that felt like it could have been a standalone installment that wasn’t connected at all to Earn or someone else. The big payoff, of course, was that, unlike Earn or another Black person being the victim of someone else being evil or terrible, it was Earn pulling the strings the whole time. It’s great to get so much insight into the character in a way that we really haven’t before since early flashbacks to his childhood, with him going to his therapist and being open and perhaps a bit too honest about what he had been planning. That story about the suit he had lent to his fellow RA which resulted in his entire academic career being ruined was certainly scarring, and his attempt to create new memories related to Princeton was then destroyed by someone else. Setting out to ruin her life was a bold undertaking, and seeing it all come together showed how much it mattered to Earn to somehow right that wrong, and she didn’t see it coming at all, no matter how many warning signs there were and how there was no way whatsoever that her children’s book about a white savior horse was going to be the next Harry Potter. His therapist getting him a mat he could lie down on was probably a sign that he thought he needed to stick around, and that’s probably a good idea given how much effort and money he put into this scheme.

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