Thursday, September 22, 2022

What I’m Watching: Kevin Can F**k Himself

Kevin Can F**k Himself: Season 2, Episode 3 “Ghost” (B+)

Falling into an open grave while searching for a dead corpse to help you start your life over can be an eye-opening sign, but I don’t think there’s much that’s going to deter Allison from fulfilling what she’s set out to do at this point. Patty expressing that she wished they were actually going to the movies and that they couldn’t when this was all over indicates just how she’s feeling, which is that she wouldn’t mind being friends with Allison, who’s all set to move on from a life that Patty still can’t escape. Flashing back to Allison’s father’s wake, which was the first time she met Kevin, Patty, and Neil, was an interesting choice because it involved the laugh track with Allison’s mom, played by Peri Gilpin, and Kevin seeming actually charming when he caught sight of her. The timing of “Pal-o-ween” was definitely unfortunate for Neil, who’s still traumatized by being knocked out, and I like that somehow Tammy ended up coming over there to join them because Neil had called her a bunch of times. Tammy does not like Allison at all, but she is very into Patty, and that attachment is going to become more dangerous for Allison as Patty continually gets pulled away for her latest antics. I’m still curious whether we’re going to get to see scenes of Kevin where he’s not accompanied by the laugh track, since him (accidentally) kicking Allison in the face was harsh enough, and I can’t quite imagine how dark and abusive he’ll seem in a different light.

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