Thursday, September 22, 2022

What I’m Watching: Industry

Industry: Season 2, Episode 6 “Short to the Point of Pain” (B+)

Harper is playing a very dangerous game, pledging loyalty to Jesse at the risk of alienating all of her colleagues and supervisors. That didn’t work well with Rishi when she told Jesse to try something that would be deliberately deceptive, and when the numbers started to work against her, he had absolutely no sympathy. And now she’s been told to leave the floor and Jesse is investing his time and energy into rebuilding a relationship with his son, something that isn’t going to make him more likely to want to treat Harper with kid gloves. Eric’s new position allows him to offer a different kind of support to Harper, and it was interesting to see that. Yasmin having a stapler she never used put in jello and Kenny expressing his affinity for having worked with her made for a sentimental sendoff, and she had quite the transformative and salacious experience with Celeste when she left the office to go meet her. The open lines of communication Celeste has with her wife should be eye-opening to Yasmin, who definitely doesn’t have that in her family life and doesn’t employ it at work either. Gus’ time with his family underlined to him that he needs to seize on worthwhile opportunities, and fortunately this one will probably be good for him too, the opposite of the soul-sucking jobs that have now already gotten to Harper and Yasmin, who have a hunger for it, and Robert, who’s still figuring out exactly what is right for him.

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