Saturday, September 3, 2022

What I’m Watching: Trying

Trying: Season 3, Episode 7 “What a Banker” (B+)

It’s good to see that the fallout from the previous episode ended up not being so bad, with Nikki humorously avoiding talking to Jason while he prattles on about surge pricing and Nikki realizing that the only way she could get through to him was to call for a car and have him pick her up as the driver. His constant mentions of “shorting” funds shows he has absolutely no idea what that means (neither do I), and they were ultimately able to have a great conversation through the helpful setup of not having to look at each other. After Jen proved herself to be highly irresponsible by giving Tyler coffee while babysitting and shrinking his clothes in the wash (which turned out to be quite helpful), Nikki was finally able to talk to her in the same way. She took it surprisingly well, and then her follow-up chat with Tinkle went even better, getting intense enough to force Nikki to look away. Karen came through in a big way for Scott, opting to collect all the snacks he had apparently paid for and encouraging him to get five pages done a night to keep him motivated. It turns out she’s also a skilled writer, which will hopefully only serve to encourage him and not make him think that he’s incapable of anything. The impending loss of the flat and the adoption pronouncement give the finale the potential for devastating developments, but I have a feeling things will end up working out somehow.

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