Sunday, December 26, 2021

What I’m Watching: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 11, Episode 8 “What Have I Done?” (B)

The lengths Larry is going to in order to get Irma to help him get this ordinance changed are quite extensive, and it’s a bit more cringe-worthy to watch than anything else. The positive part of it is, of course, that Tracey Ullman is obviously having a lot of fun essentially playing the female version of Larry, someone so unappealing who makes an issue out of everything. Evidently, this plotline is going to be dragged out through the end of the season, and having her live with him after he managed to get the videographer to do him a favor and film staged footage of him reacting sensitively to the vow renewal. Larry’s behavior when he showed up early to the party and refused to leave was quite entertaining, and I love that he was being watched on the security cameras as he was going around touching everything just for fun. Jeff’s lotion didn’t work well, and Larry’s concern about Jake’s assistant listening in on the phone made for a humorous ending with Susie’s phone call. It’s not quite as funny, of course, to imagine Jeff having an affair following reports of actor Jeff Garlin being fired from “The Goldbergs” as a result of his on-set behavior. Leon’s House Husband concept did seem too good to be true, and of course negotiating down the price resulted in subpar service and all of the people that Leon had gone to help get a better deal expressing anger at him for leaving them in a worse situation than they started.

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