Monday, December 27, 2021

Take Three: And Just Like That

And Just Like That: Season 1, Episode 3 “When in Rome…” (B)

It’s probably for the best that Mr. Big is no longer alive and the characters on this show have to grapple with the unknown aspects of his life given the recent allegations about Chris Noth. Obviously, these scripts were written before all that came out, so the awkwardness is going to have to rest on Carrie not knowing how to approach the things she discovers in the best way. A prime example of that was Natasha, who she tracked to her office, saw in her window after she had been told that she was in Rome, and then nearly spilled coffee all over when she burst into the coffee shop bathroom she was using. Charlotte and Miranda are both encountering next-generation problems with their children, and I enjoyed how Brady’s girlfriend told Miranda that she had “aging bones.” Charlotte learning from Rose that she didn’t consider herself a girl was a bit more complicated, especially since Anthony wasn’t sympathetic to her slow process of self-exploration. I do wish that we got to see Evan Handler more since I really liked him on “Californication” and I imagine he’d still be a lot of fun even those his role is considerably less exaggerated. Charlotte finding a bunch of mini vodka bottles in Miranda’s purse was startling, but Carrie seemed much too distracted to process it. Miranda is definitely bonding with Che, which could present an issue given that she’s very much married to Steve. Stanford having his chair hit repeatedly after he insisted that any three-top could be turned into a four-top was the definition of karma.

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