Tuesday, December 21, 2021

What I’m Watching: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 11, Episode 7 “Irma Kostroski” (B+)

It’s rare to see Larry try so hard to accomplish something, but he thought he solve his Maria Sofia problem by getting the ordinance changed and somehow absolving himself of not following a rule that would still have been in place at that time. She really is so terrible, and finding out that Lily Collins was interested in the role makes it all the more unfortunate, especially now that everyone is getting to witness firsthand what her acting looks like. Larry refusing to even take a pin to support a candidate was no surprise, and I loved how incredulous both Susie and Cheryl were when he and Irma showed up canvassing and he scoffed at them for being part of a book club. Making a deal with someone who was allegedly voting for the other candidate to jointly get out of line was a mistake he should have known would have consequences, and I might have appreciated the lost-by-one-vote plotline more if I believed that there would ever not be a recount for a result that close. Asa’s obsession with the mugs ensures that any part of the show that might have still worked won’t, but there’s still time for the whole thing to implode. Larry questioning the legitimacy of the sexual abuse he endured as a teenager wasn’t a direction I think this show needed to go, and I much more appreciated him taking issue with the ex-wife who was taking advantage of her apparent widow status to get a better golf lesson time and the last remaining lobster.

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