Saturday, December 25, 2021

What I’m Watching: Insecure

Insecure: Season 5, Episode 8 “Choices, Okay?!” (B+)

We’re getting very close to the end here, so every time we got a glimpse of what Issa’s future could look like, I wondered if that was going to be the path she actually took since things do have to wrap up at some point soon. I’m such a big fan of Mirror Issa, and it’s great that we don’t see her all that often so her appearances are so very much appreciated. Seeing her imagined fantasies and nightmares was quite entertaining, particularly her glee at flying first-class that she tried to pass off as casual and normal, and getting a key to the city as a sign of having truly made it. Crenshawn wanting to team up with Issa after the way their last collaboration went was a bit of a surprise, and it’s fair that she would want to really evaluate her options to be sure that she was making the right choice. She and Nathan seemed to be headed down a great road together, suggesting the idea of moving in together and then moving to a more humorous moment as Nathan told her that she was using his toothbrush. But the fact that Lawrence was present in both futures and then she thought she heard him instead of Nathan in real life shows that she’s not going to be able to just move on without fully putting him behind her. After a draining day of trying to convince her parents to get serious and communicate about their wishes, Molly received exactly the kind of support she needed from Taurean when he sent her wings and wine after she cancelled on him. That relationship may be just right even though she never considered it before this.

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