Saturday, December 18, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Great

The Great: Season 2, Episode 5 “Animal Instincts” (B+)

It’s absolutely fascinating to watch the relationship between Catherine and Peter evolve, especially as he makes sincere efforts to seem intelligent so that he can impress her. Whether that’s nefarious or not is still up for debate, since I have a feeling that, if he’s allowed to do as he pleases and not have any responsibility, he might actually be okay with that. He was also able to convince her to hold his hand while they were looking for the crocodile, and suggesting that they dance to the music in his head was surprisingly sweet. Catherine tried to win over the people with science after the discovery of the crocodile but was opposed by both Archie and Basil, which got her very angry. Choosing to let herself be blackmailed by Archie and indulge him on his suggestion to meet God was an interesting path, one that seems to have worked out well for both of them. Orlo still just wants to kill Archie – and Basil while he’s at it – was no surprise, while Velementov is definitely softening, bringing the truffles to Peter in a typically drunken moment and saying much more than he should have. Elizabeth advising both Peter and Catherine makes her the most powerful person in the court, and she’s also quite intelligent. I like that Peter’s double has a personality of his own and that he tried hard to seduce Elizabeth, which she found somewhat appealing and also somewhat revolting. That’s a good description for a lot of what happens on this show.

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