Thursday, December 16, 2021

What I’m Watching: Insecure

Insecure: Season 5, Episode 6 “Tired, Okay?!” (B+)

I enjoyed the opening of this episode, with Issa imagining that she did end up talking to Condola and Lawrence, and then throwing and kicking the baby before cackling. That brief non-interaction clearly got into her head, and she got paid back for that fantasy at the end of the episode when Condola returned to thank her for giving Lawrence up and gloat about her big ring before kicking her over. I do like that Issa stood up for herself when she went to go see Crenshawn and the two both refused to back down about how they felt they had been wronged in their collaboration. Her enthusiasm about her projects continues to be high, but it’s difficult when someone just isn’t all that interested or thinks she should be going about things a different way. Looking at Nathan’s workplace experience at the barbershop is entertaining, and things did get very testy when he got accused of stealing Suge’s client and, like Issa, refused to just take it. Issa taking care of Molly’s family while she was working was sweet, and Molly telling her that her brother had herpes to get her to stop flirting was funny. Molly was quite distracted when her phone was ringing during the presentation after she had a wild night, and Taurean did a good job of covering and looking out for her. Issa confronting Nathan about how he might leave and hadn’t acknowledged that she said I love you is the latest bump in the road for them, but at least they’re having the conversation.

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