Friday, December 17, 2021

What I’m Watching: Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas

Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas: B+

I was very disappointed when NBC opted to cancel this show after two seasons, especially since I felt that the second season was a marked improvement over the first, and there was still plenty of room for great character development and music. It’s great that Roku decided to pick up this show for a movie that could serve as a wrap-up but could also lead to much more, which would be nice and could actually happen given the positive ratings reported by Roku in the two weeks since this movie dropped. I think this two-hour special captured the excitement and energy of the show, picking up with Max having Zoey’s powers and showing how that could be problematic since he hasn’t learned all that Zoey has about how interfering in other people’s lives without having all the information might not be the best plan. I’m glad that, since the show only went off the air a few months ago, the entire cast was able to return, with the exception of Mackenzie, who I never found to have reached her potential as a character after showing initial promise. This was understandably much more focused on Zoey and her family, with Max playing a big role and Simon and Mo showing up a bit too, with a bit of Perry there to help Mo realize that he was stealing the kids’ thunder too much. This couldn’t have encapsulated what an entire season could have, but hopefully we’ll get more of this show in small doses in the future, which I would really love to see.

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