Sunday, December 19, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Shrink Next Door

The Shrink Next Door: Season 1, Episode 6 “The Party” (B+)

It really is heartbreaking to see Marty completely cut out of his own life, chewed out by Ike for daring to tell someone that the house was actually his and not Marty’s. It doesn’t seem like Bonnie is going to be the ally for Marty that I thought she might have been, since she loves the attention and the luxury, though not anywhere near as much as Ike does. Skipping through so many years with the anchor of the party was a great way to show the perpetuation of this toxic relationship, and how Marty gradually became less and less a part of it. Convincing Marty to push Miriam into the pool made for an extremely uncomfortable moment, but it turned out that it could have been the most eye-opening moment possible for Marty since Miriam had been through the same thing where he had forced her to stop talking to her mother before she died. Unfortunately, even after Marty seemed moved to action by being asked about Phyllis, who he hasn’t seen for years. It was very tragic to see that, rather than run away from Ike, he chose to let him in on Miriam’s betrayal and then leave her at a convenience store by pretending that the bus broke down. The bus driver’s disappointment in him was most telling, and it’s hard to imagine how he’s ever going to break free from Ike now that he’s complicit in his life-ruining schemes. There’s no way for him to undo that harm to Miriam.

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