Wednesday, December 15, 2021

What I’m Watching: Dickinson

Dickinson: Season 3, Episode 5 “A little Madness in the Spring” (B+)

This show is clever and funny, but there’s also a lot of terrible truth rooted in it about the history of the world. Mrs. Dickinson’s desire to remain confined in the asylum was because she wanted someone to care about her in a way that her husband doesn’t, but Emily was the one targeted for incarceration since she exhibits many of the qualities that would previously have made a woman in the era deemed clinically insane. It’s obvious to see now how absurd and horrific that is, and how repressive of free thinking it was, considering feminism and other forward-thinking concepts a form of mental illness. Recognizing Abby there and trying to stage an uprising didn’t end up doing much, but it’s hard for any lasting generational change to be accomplished given the way that the world still remains very much unevolved in many spaces. We also saw the insanity of the regiment Henry is working to teach, told that they needed yet another uniform inspection in order to be able to officially fight, even though they still have no weapons. On a lighter note, Lavinia finding out that Joseph Lyman did love her until he died was an interesting development, one that might send her in a more positive direction. Austin and Sue’s relationship appeared to be taking a turn, but the news that he has been drafted is going to make their situation even more unpleasant since it’s very likely he may not return home, which will put a different strain on their already very frayed connection.

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