Friday, December 24, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Shrink Next Door (Penultimate Episode)

The Shrink Next Door: Season 1, Episode 7 “The Breakthrough” (B+)

I wasn’t sure what to make of the opening of this episode with Ike and Marty playing private eyes in black-and-white, but evidently Marty had become that engrossed in Ike’s life that he was imagining himself as the characters as his only real outlet. It’s hard to believe that we were already in 2010, and Ike’s selfishness had reached such a point that he was minimizing Marty’s very severe stomach problems. Ike not visiting Marty in the hospital after his surgery was one thing, but his failure to care for the koi, especially after he pretended that he would do it because it was just as important to him as it was to Marty, was the last straw. Suggesting that they move to a more expensive warehouse when Bruce presented a very real solution that they relocate to a cheaper option in New Jersey showed how delusional Ike was and how he was only concerned with the way things looked. It was therefore very affirming to see Marty surprise Ike for once by not showing up for his appointment, sending Ike to the completely cleaned-out warehouse. Refusing to take his call was a big power move, and telling him that they no longer had private offices was a particularly delicious moment. Marty telling Ike he shouldn’t come if it was a waste of his time and that Norman had fired him was fantastic, and that round of applause from everyone else in the warehouse was great, though I imagine that it won’t be so easy to undo all the damage he’s caused over the years in the final episode.

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