Tuesday, December 28, 2021

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 2, Episode 8 “The End Has No End” (C)

I had to check to see how many times Cassie’s father had even appeared in this show, and apparently he was a regular fixture for the first few episodes before suddenly returning for the last three installments. His death, however, feels a bit forced since he hasn’t really been a consistent player, and it’s not anything like this show killing off its main characters in shocking fashion, like Cody or Rick. Ronald also showed up to specifically not kill anyone, and then it just happened because Joseph tried to not let him leave? That doesn’t add up, and it doesn’t even matter since Wolf came and captured him again, so it won’t be easy to find him unless Mark follows up on his earlier visit. Phoebe didn’t react particularly well to seeing Ronald, but this show also has no concept of how it wants him to be perceived since there’s no reason anyone should feel sympathy for him, as well as the constant plot hole that everyone should be looking for him. It’s still taking Cassie too long to make the connection about Max, even after Jenny told her about it, and now T-Lock is a man on the run confronting Max for the money that he believes she has. Jerrie is out of the picture back home, which is a thread that this show will apparently continue to follow, while another family reunion didn’t go as poorly as it could have, with Ren showing no signs of giving in to her brother.

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