Sunday, December 19, 2021

What I’m Watching: Dickinson

Dickinson: Season 3, Episode 7 “The Future never spoke” (B+)

This episode caught me by surprise a bit since time travel is quite a new phenomenon, but then I thought, why wouldn’t this be something that happened here? This is a freewheeling, immeasurably creative interpretation of Emily Dickinson and how she lived, so why would she not get to the travel to the future to experience how future generations thought of her? I also liked that Lavinia was there with her but then only remembered talking to her about Sue, meaning that it was a singular experience that, like so much else, she couldn’t properly impart to anyone. The casting of Chloe Fineman from “Saturday Night Live” as Sylvia Plath was the latest great instance of a guest star, and her attitude was perfect to help Emily realize how she did and didn’t want to remembered. Returning to her present to learn that Frazer was killed only served to solidify her knowledge that she could, to a degree, see the future, and it’s going to make adjusting back to normalcy difficult. But hopefully, with Lavinia’s support, she’ll be able to get back to a good place with Sue. Her expression of desire for the mess, not the perfection of her poems, was a great way to describe how this show often communicates Emily’s work. The focus on Betty moving on from Henry was interesting, though she pretty much got confirmation that he’s still alive but in a very dangerous place. Edward and Mrs. Dickinson had a nice bonding moment when they decided to smoke the pot Edward found rather than worry about the potential problems that might come from it.

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