Thursday, December 23, 2021

Take Two: And Just Like That

And Just Like That: Season 1, Episode 2 “Little Black Dress” (B)

It’s hard to separate this show from the one that spawned it, understandably, and as someone who didn’t watch that series, I imagine that I’m going to end up being just as confused as Carrie, wondering whether I’m supposed to know someone who shows up for the first time when they could have played a big part in the original series. I did look up Molly Price as soon as I recognized her, and Susan Sharon did appear back in an episode or two of the original, as I’m sure did Brenda Vaccaro’s Gloria, who was not treated well by Stanford when she sat in his apparently assigned seat. This was a prime example of many things people shouldn’t do at a funeral, namely compare someone’s loss to your own. Charlotte being misidentified as the mourner given her very visible sadness highlighted the difference in her response to loss and Miranda’s, who swung into protective mode when she first met Che, which did not make for an ideal first meeting. I’m happy to see Niall Cunningham from “Life in Pieces” as Miranda’s son Brady, and I like that he’s not nearly as idiotic in this part but still full of personality. Having Samantha still involved in a distant way is interesting, but I guess that makes more sense than just pretending like she wouldn’t have been in touch. On a more lighthearted note, I did enjoy Miranda continue to bumble through her efforts to be an ally and the fact that she used her heavy book to save Nya from having her back stolen by the thief in the Chucky mask.

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