Monday, December 20, 2021

What I’m Watching: Dexter: New Blood

Dexter: New Blood: Season 9, Episode 5 “Runaway” (B+)

It was good to see Batista again, and he gave Angela more than enough information to make her think that Dexter wasn’t who he said he was, and Audrey adding that Harrison had revealed in his intoxicated state that Jim wasn’t Dexter’s real name led her very quickly to the confirmation of his true identity. Hopefully, that won’t be a big problem and she’ll go straight to him to ask him about it rather than investigate on her own, or worse, let the excitable Molly in on the secret so that she can do the digging for her. Dexter’s on thin ice at the moment with Logan being so much on his tail, pivoting during one planned abduction to a staged public attack and then staging a drug overdose for his next victim so that he wouldn’t get interrupted and implicated. I do like that Logan is getting strong material, giving Dexter parenting advice he didn’t want to hear and then intimidating even him during an interrogation. It’s crazy that Dexter can just take what he needs from the vet and then get billed later, even easier to access than when he worked for the police department. Harrison’s rebellious attitude is not a good thing, and getting involved with Kurt is a dangerous path. It’s unclear what Kurt’s ritual is, and Chloe’s attempts to get him rattled worked all too well, resulting in him shooting her at close range rather than exacting whatever drawn-out torment he had planned. On top of that, he’s now been exposed as staging Matt still being alive, and there remain many questions there too.

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