Monday, December 20, 2021

What I’m Watching: Succession

Succession: Season 3, Episode 8 “Chiantishire” (B+)

The dynamics of this family continue to be equally toxic and complicated, and this episode featured some intense parental moments. Halfway through the episode, I thought the most intense exchange was between Caroline and Shiv, when Caroline confronted her about being a bad daughter and told her that some people shouldn’t be mothers, which of course prompted Shiv to head straight to Tom to have a baby out of spite. But then Logan came to have dinner with Kendall, who was direct and honest with him about not wanting to turn into him because he’s a good guy, a concept Logan scoffed at and chewed him out for daring to suggest. And then there was the most uncomfortable and unexpected, when Roman made the mistake of texting his dad a picture meant for Gerri that he then had to explain to his father, who may now have lost faith in the one child he thought would be most loyal and controllable. Shiv confronting Gerri about the sexual harassment she never reported wasn’t kind, and Gerri handled herself as well as she could under the circumstances. Roman’s negotiated deal with Matsson isn’t likely to hold up well now. Willa not saying yes to Connor’s proposal was awkward, but he also did it in a public way, and she’s not necessarily going to be into spending her life with someone twice her age who is very delusional about how people see him. Shiv telling Tom she didn’t love him during their role play was far too real, and he’s finally catching on to the fact that he’s way more invested in their relationship than she is. At least Greg’s romance with Comfry is looking like it could actually work. Ending with Kendall floating in the pool with the beer next to him was ominous, and I’m sure the finale will be very memorable.

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