Tuesday, December 14, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 8, Episode 2 “Armageddon, Part 2” (B)

It’s not easy to watch as Barry begins to think he’s going crazy, and of course we as viewers are aware that things aren’t transpiring in the way they appear to be. It was especially unfortunate to hear Barry insist that Joe must be around when everyone was clearly not into taking about the fact that he had recently died. Barry getting suspended because he was now a suspect was another miserable development, one that robs him of one of his primary purposes in life that means everything to him. It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s irreversible, whether anything that happens is going to be permanent or if things will end up changing once Barry is able to stop the course of events from playing out as they have. That’s pretty much what he’s been doing for most of this show, with one supervillain after another claiming that they can predict his behavior or the future, which is never a good thing. Despero seems intent on proving that he’s correct and that Barry will be undone specifically by circumstances beyond his control. I know that this has been billed as a five-episode crossover, and after seeing Alex Danvers, fresh off the now-ended “Supergirl,” we got to see Black Lightning, whose show also ended earlier this year, as Barry’s latest ally he’s called in for help. Let’s hope he has some sage wisdom that could come in handy and help Barry stay on track as he’s losing his grip on whatever reality he’s currently inhabiting.

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